Water Pumphouse Construction

The water pumphouse upgrade will start on Monday, July 11th. The estimated duration of work is 3 weeks. The contractor will provide a temporary water supply system. There will be a brief outage at the start and completion of construction (hopefully only a few hours) in order to make water main connections and to connect/disconnect the temporary water supply system. There might be a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory since the system will have been depressurized.  Once back up and running, water supply will be available throughout the
construction period. Lower pressures may be experienced during the construction. (Consumers are still encouraged to stockpile prior to construction)

If you require any further information, please call the Village office at 306-3682344.

Dear Village of Lake Lenore water fill users,

The water pumphouse will be under construction starting July 11, 2022. Estimated work will last for 3 weeks. The water fill station will be closed during this time. We ask the users to stockpile prior to construction. We will keep you informed upon the completion of work.

Please top up your account before July 07th, 4 pm. E Transfer sent after that will be credited to your account on Monday, July 11th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.